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Article on improvisation

I’ve just published online a new article entitled ‘Re-imagining Improvisation: Listening, Discourse and Aesthetics’. This article began life as a number of conference presentations, probably most notably a paper at last year’s Perspectives on Musical Improvisation conference in Oxford. After that conference I decided that it really was time I wrote turned this paper into an article, not least because there are so many other projects I’ve got on at the moment, that it seemed best to get this into a concrete form and move on.

Publishing this online is also because there’s an increasing (and welcome) trend for academics to ensure that their work is widely available. That’s why (potential) readers will also be able to download this from my page on Research Gate and academia.edu shortly. There are also some colleagues in my field around the country who have provided a great example. I should mention Elizabeth Eva Leach at Oxford, whose page here demonstrates how musicologists (and academics more generally) can use online resources as a really effective way of distributing what they do to the outside world, and encourage others to do the same and engage in online (and offline) discussions. I should also mention Dan Leech-Wilkinson, whose online book The Changing Sound of Music provides an exemplary demonstration not only of why we should be publishing online, but how to do it.

So, please do have a look at my offering, and I’d welcome comments by email or Twitter.