In what little spare time I have, I work as a jazz musician around the Yorkshire area, and particularly in Hull. While I was classically-trained, I stopped having piano lessons a long time ago. Instead, during the late 1990s while working on a PhD, I spent every Tuesday evening as a sound engineer at Southampton Jazz Club, listening to the musicians coming through, and trying to put together my own playing. That happened gradually alongside my academic work, and by doing enormous amounts of listening to any number of different musicians, some pianists, some not.

In recent years I’ve been really lucky to play gigs round Yorkshire, and work with lots of fantastic musicians, including (not an exhaustive list!) Martin Jones, Matt Smith, Joel Purnell, Stuart McDonald, Julia Wray, Julie Edwards, Kevin Dearden, Thom Whitworth, Kevin Holbrough, and many more. The sound clips below are from a recording session with two great players: bassist Geoff Chalmers, and drummer Paul Tilley. All the tunes are my own compositions.

Below is some footage of a gig with Julia Wray one cold night in Leeds. Found some interesting places to go in this solo on ‘Blue Seven’.


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