About Me

I am a lecturer in Music and currently Director of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Hull, and you can find my official staff page here. I’m responsible for co-ordinating the Jazz and Popular Music degree at Hull. I’ve worked at Hull since 2003, and previously I studied at the University of Southampton for my PhD (2001) which was on Keith Jarrett’s solo improvisations, and before that at Queen’s University, Belfast.

My book on Keith Jarrett’s The Koln Concert was published in January 2013, and more information on this and other publications is available on this site. Currently my other research projects include working on early ECM recordings, as well as some writing connected with an AHRC-funded research project on the Use of Audiovisual Resources in Jazz. The page for that project is here.

I also work as a jazz musician, both as a pianist, and with my band The Jazz Æsthetic, made up of students from the University of Hull. Lots more information on the Music page.

Finally, a necessary diclaimer: all the opinions expressed on this site are my own, and not those of my institution.


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